The Vain Crow: A Short Moral Story - Moral Stories: Moral Value Based Short Stories


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Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Vain Crow: A Short Moral Story

The Vain Crow

Once, King Lion of a forest kingdom decided to appoint the Chief Minister for himself. He wanted the most beautiful bird to be his Chief Minister. So, he decided to hold a competition. All the birds of forest were invited to take part in it in their best finery. The competition was going to be held after a few days. So, all the birds got busy in making preparations for the big day. They fluttered their wings excitedly and began to preen themselves in front of the mirrors.

The crow was, however, very disappointed on seeing his reflection. He felt that he looked ugly and so, had no chance of being chosen as the Chief Minister. Hence, he began to think hard. Suddenly, an idea flashed across his mind.

The next moment, the crow flew away. Going from one field to another, he picked up all the feathers that he could find. In the evening, he carried all those feathers home with him. He followed this routine for the next few days. He would gather feathers of different colours and designs. Thus, in a few days, he had a large collection of colourful and pretty feathers.

On the appointed day, all the birds put on all their best finery. The crow also carefully stuck all the feathers that he had collected from the fields on his tail. Then, looking at his reflection from all angles, he was pleased to see that his feathers looked prettier and more colourful than those of any other bird. He now felt sure of being chosen the Chief Minister. Soon, it was time to move to King Lion's court. Some birds walked, some hopped and others flew to get there. On reaching the King's Palace, they were taken to his court.

One by one, names of all the birds were announced by the King's Minister. At this, each bird would move in front of the King and strike attractive poses.

Some birds came chirping, others were twittering and some others were singing sweetly. King Lion and his courtiers were charmed by such a grand show of beauty.

At last, the crow's turn came and his name was announced. Getting up, he moved forward carefully lest any of its feathers should come off. On reaching the stage, he walked proudly with his head up and chest out before the king Lion. He caw-cawed, as he struck different poses. The King was fascinated by the colourful and beautiful feathers of the crow. He declared him as the winner and appointed him as the Chief Minister. This created a state of confusion and noisy disturbance among all the birds.

"Your Majesty, he is wearing stolen feathers. They are not his own", shouted all the birds. Saying so, they pounced upon the crow one by one, snatching their feathers out of his tail. And in no time, he stood exposed in front of King Lion.

In the end, only the peacock's feathers remained on his tail. The peacock turned on the crow, and pecked the feathers off.

Now, King Lion saw the crow as he actually was - an ugly bird as well as a cheat. He was furious as to why the crow had tried to deceive him. So, appointing the peacock as his Chief Minister, he drove the crow away in disgrace. Sad and downcast, when the crow hopped out of the court, all the birds turned their backs on him for trying to be what he was not.

Moral: "Never pretend to be what you are not".

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