The Monkey And The Two Cats : Short Moral Stories For Kids - Moral Stories: Moral Value Based Short Stories


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Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Monkey And The Two Cats : Short Moral Stories For Kids

The Monkey And The Two Cats

Once there were two cats, named Tabby and Kitty, who lived together in a house. They were very good friends. One day, they stole a big piece of cheese from the kitchen. Wanting to eat it in peace, they hid behind some bushes in the garden. Kitty said to Tabby, “Let us divide the cheese equally.”

Tabby agreed. Holding the piece of cheese between their fore-paws, they broke it into two parts. Each friend took up a piece to eat. Just as Tabby was going to take a bite out of her share. Kitty said, “Your piece is bigger than mine!”

“My piece is bigger? What nonsense! Actually, your piece is bigger, “replied Tabby.

“Don’t lie!’’ said Kitty. Then both began to argue loudly. A monkey, sitting on a nearby tree, had seen and heard everything. He slowly came down the tree. Approaching the cats, he said, “What is the matter, my dear friends? Why are you arguing?”

The two cats told him everything. Requesting the monkey to settle the matter, they asked the monkey to be the judge. He sat down next to them, saying, “Huh! I can see that both the pieces of cheese are not equal. But don’t worry, friends, I’ll help you.”

Saying so, the monkey picked up both the pieces and looked at them carefully. Then, turning to Tabby’s share, he said, “This is a little bigger than the other one. But I’ll make it equal.” Smiling to himself, he took a big bite out of Tabby’s piece!

Holding up both the pieces and looking at Kitty’s share, the monkey said, “This one has now become just a little bigger. But I’ll make it equal to the other one.” Once again, he bit off a large portion of the cheese. In this way, the monkey kept eating off both pieces, little by little.

Seeing this, the cats slowly realized, “This monkey has tricked us by eating both our pieces. We must save what is left of it.” Tabby now said to the monkey, “Sir, both the pieces are almost equal. We thank you very much indeed. Please give them to us.” Kitty added, “Yes, Sir, now the pieces are almost equal.”

But the monkey was very clever. He replied, “No, no, my friends. You asked me to be the judge. I am going to be very fair. You can see that both these pieces are not equal yet. So, let me make them equal,” and he put the bigger piece in his mouth.

Then, holding the remaining piece of cheese, the monkey said, “Only this piece is now left. But neither of you can eat it. Let it be my fee for helping you”. With these words, he put it into his mouth.

After he had finished eating, the monkey said, “Well, ladies, the matter is settled. I hope you are both happy.” Saying this, he walked away. Both the cats looked at each other angrily. But what could they do now? They themselves had asked the monkey to be the judge!

Moral: "When two friends fight, a third person takes advantages of the situation".

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