The Fox And The Crow : Short Moral Stories For Kids - Moral Stories: Moral Value Based Short Stories


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Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Fox And The Crow : Short Moral Stories For Kids

“The Fox and the Crow” short moral story has been written especially for children who are learning to read.
Story Summary
A hungry fox comes upon a crow sitting in a tree. The crow holds a piece of cheese in its beak. The fox would like to eat that cheese of course, the crow also wants to eat the cheese. Can the sly fox trick the crow into giving up the cheese? Read the story and you will find out.

The Fox And The Crow

Once upon a time, a crow was flying around searching for something to eat. As he neared a house, he saw a piece of cheese lying on a window-sill. Swooping down fast, he picked it up and flew away. He flew to a lonely spot and sat on a branch of a tree to eat it in peace.

Just then, a fox was passing that was passing that way. He saw the crow with the piece of cheese in his beak. His mouth began to water and he decided to take it away from him. “If only I can make him open his beak, the cheese will fall down. I can then grab it and run off. I do not think it will be difficult to fool him.”

Going to the tree on which the crow was sitting, the fox said, “Dear friend, you are looking very handsome today. Is anything special happening today?”
The crow was very pleased to her this. “Do I really look so handsome? Nobody has ever told me this earlier,” he thought. Yet, he remained silent.
But the fox was determined to make him speak. So, he said, “I want to tell you that you sing extremely well. I did not realise this until I heard you singing the other day. I must say that you have a very melodious voice.”

But the crow still did not say anything. Deciding to flatter him some more, the fox said, “Really. Mr Crow! Believe me. I have never heard such a sweet voice as yours. I have long wanted to listen to your song. Now that I have met you, you must sing for me.”

The Crow was surprised to hear so much praise for his voice. “I never thought my voice is so sweet. Nobody has ever told me that I sing very well. Actually, I would also like to hear myself sing. But how can I sing? I am holding the cheese in my beak.” So, he still kept quiet.

The fox decided to try his luck once again. This time, he said, “Really, Mr Crow! I am dying to hear your voice at least once. Won’t you sing for me?”

The crow was so happy that he finally began to sing. Just as he opened his beak to sing, the cheese fell to the ground. The fox grabbed it at once and ran away. The crow was left to repent his foolishness

Moral: "Beware of the oily tongue of one who is selfish."

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